‘The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine’ expansion still to be announced, patch 1.12 … – MNR Daily

MNR Daily

'The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine' expansion still to be announced, patch 1.12 ...
MNR Daily
Fans of the long awaited brand new expansion to the epic open world action role playing video game, "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" will apparently have to wait a bit longer for the "Blood and Wine" expansion as it is expected to be coming in the first ...
The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine DLC Promises More to Come; $24.99 Expansion ...Lawyer Herald

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Woodinville Wine Events: January 1st-15th

Woodinville Wine Events: January 1st-15th

©2013 Richard Duval Images

Castillo De Feliciana – January 8th – Acoustic Night Featuring Brian James
Auberge de Seattle – January 9th – Winter Freast Cooking Class
Northwest Cellars – January 10th – Corks and Canvas Painting Class
Ambassador Wines of Washington – January 13th – Comedy Night

Weekly Events:

Russell’s Restaurant – Tues-Fri – 4-6pm – Happy Hour
Purple Woodinville – Wed – Fried Chicken Night
Novelty Hill Januik – Wed –  5-8pm – Wednesday Wine’d Down
Bunnell Family Cellar – Thurs – 5-7pm – “Wine Therapy Hour”
J. Bookwalter Tasting Studio – Thurs & Fri – 3-6pm – Happy Hour
Mark Ryan Winery – Thurs & Fri – 5-7 – Happy Hour
The Woodhouse Wine Estates – Thurs – 5-8 – Happy Hour
Butler Wine Tours– Fri & Sun– 3pm – Friday Wine, Buy & Dine with Bellevue’s Purple Cafe and Wine Bar
Matthews Winery – Fri – 6:30-9pm – Friday Night Live
Covington Cellars – Fri – 4:30-9 -Friday Night Dinners
Kestrel Vintners – Fri – 6pm – Friday Night Rhythm and Vine
Village Wines – Fri – 7-10pm – Live Music
Long Shadows – Fri – 6-9pm – UnWine’d Happy Hour & Live Music
Northwest Cellars – Fri – 5-8pm – Happy Hour with live music from local artists

Columbia Winery – Fri – 4-7pm – 1/2 Price Flatbread Pizzas and wines by the glass
Village Wines – Sat – 7-10pm – Live Music
Covington Cellars – Sat – 5-9pm – Saturday Night Dinners
Butler Wine Tours – Sun – 3pm – Sunday Wine, Buy & Dine with Bellevue’s Purple Cafe and Wine Bar
Village Wines – Sun – 3-6pm – Live Jazz

Monthly Events:

Northwest Cellars – 4-8pm – Second Thursday Wine & Art Walk – Kirkland Warehouse Wineries
Woodinville Wine Cellars – 6:30-9:30 – First Friday Music
Eye of The Needle – 5-8:30 – Third Friday – LIVE Kickback
Ambassador Wines of Washington – 4:30-7 – First Saturday – Ladies Night!

Industry Events:

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Provisioner Wine to Release New Rosé and Host Tasting Party on Roosevelt Row – Phoenix New Times

Phoenix New Times

Provisioner Wine to Release New Rosé and Host Tasting Party on Roosevelt Row
Phoenix New Times
On Thursday, January 7, Arizona winemaker Eric Glomski and the rest of the Provisioner team will toast the release of their wines at MonOrchid on Roosevelt Row. From 6 to 11 p.m., gusts can enjoy a whole hog roasted by chef Bryan Nowicki of Page ...

Ukraine says Crimea vintage wine sale at Massandra illegal – BBC News

BBC News

Ukraine says Crimea vintage wine sale at Massandra illegal
BBC News
The Ukrainian government has condemned a Crimean auction of vintage wines as illegal and warned foreign buyers that international sanctions are in force. The Massandra winery near Yalta is Ukrainian government property, but new managers took over ...
Kyiv Threatens Action Over Crimea WinesRadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty
Kiev cries foul as historic Crimean wines go under hammerYahoo News
AFP: Kyiv cries foul as historic Crimean wines go under hammerUkraine Today

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“Life Goes On, Man” (The Most Popular 1WD Articles Of 2015)

“Life Goes On, Man” (The Most Popular 1WD Articles Of 2015)

Normally for these year-in-review recaps, I start by going into some details about my life over the last twelve months.

F*ck that sh*t this time. I’m focused full steam ahead on the future, baby.

If you need a summary, 2015 was the year that I gifted myself my freedom. The results are much more positive than I’d expected: while far from being perfect, generally speaking my life is great. Most importantly, my kid is doing great. And what I do for a living is still, well, great (although, from here anything else would be a pretty serious letdown, unless I could finagle a paying gig as a hammock nap tester).

So this year I am skipping the detailed recap, and getting right to the good stuff (you’re welcome!).

Here are the top ten most popular 1WD articles published in 2015, as measured by visits (if I’m utilizing my website analytic skills correctly, that is… which is a seriously sizable if)…

10) It’s Not “Hipster” If It’s Already “Mainstream” (On Delectable And The Changing Tastes Of Today’s Fine Wine Consumers)

Well… it’s not. High-acid wines are already hitting some mainstream stride, so I’m not sure that they can accurately be called “hipster” (let’s give the fine wine drinking populace more credit than that).

9) Are Wine Critics More Qualified Than Wine Bloggers?

An interesting discussion without a clear answer, mostly because the lines between “blogging” and “critic” are so fuzzy (and, I’ll wager, will remain that way for a looooong time to come).

8) On The Fine Art Of Not Giving A Sh*t (Wiegner Etna Recent Releases)

A testament to the power of a) engaging wine personalities, b) providing coverage for those winemaking regions that don’t typically get mainstream press, and c) putting obscenities into the title of your blog post.

7) Wine And Social Media: Not Just For The Tech Savvy

You know what… if you don’t get this by now, then there’s little that I or anyone else can do for you on the subject.

6) Wine Scores: Please, Wine Producers, Stop Shoving Them In My Face

In which I espouse the not-so-novel idea that, in an era where people have more freedom and outlets for expressing their opinions than ever before, we should actually let them express their opinions without trying to shove someone else’s opinion into their faces.

5) There Is No Wine Blogging

To be read in the Monty Python voice of “There is NOOOOO rule 6!” (with apologies to my Aussie friends). The ease of writing and publishing have made creating a blog post the written equivalent of taking a photo with your cell phone, regardless of topic. And, yeah, that includes wine.

4) Science Has Not Really Spoken (On The Study Of Big Flavor Wines)

Over-the-top wines are popular because you’re letting them become popular (and that’s addressed to both consumers and those in the wine biz).

3) No One “Needs” Your Wine (30 Lessons in Wine Communication)

I’m ecstatic that my little spotlight on this wine industry presentation got some decent traction; hopefully, that translates into more wine biz folks taking those points to heart.

2) Apparently “Riedel” Is Actually Pronounced “A**hole” (Glassware Company Bullies Wine Blogger)

I’ve been accused of more than one person of writing this piece to capitalize on the publicity of the legal row between Hosemaster of Wine’s Ron Washam and glass making company Riedel. To which I would answer: f*ck you, Ron’s a friend of mine and I wrote it to support him. Does that sound angry? It does? Well… ok, I need a drink…

1) Millennials Aren’t Changing Wine – Access To Information Is

It turns out that the folks who have been saying that Millennial consumers aren’t actually all that special in their buying habits might have been correct, just not in the ways that they’ve all been thinking.


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Daily Wine News: Cider Boom

Daily Wine News: Cider Boom

Not grapes. (Flickr: sally_monster)

In the San Francisco Chronicle, Jon Bonné explores the growing trend of prominent California winemakers trying their hand at making cider. “This collision of drinks reflects a cultural shift, a growing understanding that cider, so often lumped together with beer, actually has far more in common with wine.”

Artisan Prosecco is finally attracting attention. But will it be submerged under a mass-market torrent that Prosecco makers brought on themselves? Ben O’Donnell investigates in Wine Spectator.

“Charly Foucault, co-owner of the renowned French winery Clos Rougeard in Saumur, has died,” reports Decanter.

Jamie Goode offers some thoughts on naturalness in wine after attending Rootstock, “which is pretty much” a natural wine fair. “First, do I have to choose? Sometimes it seems this way… I love grower Champagne, which inevitably uses some cultured yeasts for the second fermentation. I don’t want to give that up.”

Josh Raynolds tackles Central Spain’s wine regions in Vinous.

In the Wall Street Journal, Lettie Teague reviews New York’s new Bottle & Bine, where beer and wine get equal treatment.

Mike Dunne reflects on the finds and surprises he experienced in wine during 2015 in the Sacramento Bee.

Mike Veseth, aka the wine economist, also reflects on 2015 and looks ahead to 2016.

In the Chicago Tribune, Michael Austin ponders wine from Spain’s Navarra region.