Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 9/29/19

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren't Flipboard inclined, here's everything I've strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

California ABC facing three separate whistleblower lawsuits
Something's rotten.

The Price of State Control for Wine
Lower prices or selection. You choose.

" target="_blank">Meet a Successful Entrepreneur in Georgia's Growing Wine Sector
The OG. Original Georgia.

" target="_blank">Climate change is changing the flavor of French wine
One of these articles a week, I think.

" target="_blank">How to visit the world's most spectacular wine region
Central Otago. Go.

Fearing PG&E outages are the new normal, Napa wineries look at alternative power
Losing power during harvest is a non-starter.

Why global trade disruption is worrying New Zealand's $1.83 billion wine industry
US is the biggest market.

North Coast grape growers fear tons of fruit will be left on the vine unsold
Uncertainty is the word.

How 8 New Master Sommeliers Earned Their Pin
The story of 8 more.

How Cameron Hughes Plays The Allocation Shuffle With California's Wine Glut
C'mon, he definitely doesn't look like Luke Wilson.

AVA Hang Time
Getting "raisined" while waiting for the TTB.

California Punchline
Ken takes issue with the experience economy.

Community tribute to Charlie Barra, Mendocino County's Godfather of Grape Growing
The man who made Mendocino for wine.

Terroirists vs Naturalists: Tribal Wine Wars
Mike Veseth on tribalism.

Floating Downstream with Justin Smith
Loam Baby goes to Saxum.

Despite trade war tensions, Napa's vintners are in the export business for the long run
Of course they are.

Six Takeaways from Emetry's Data Summit
The big kitchen of wine data

By the glass: Elaine Chukan Brown
An interview with Elaine.

California Wine's Unlikely Eden
Blake visits the Rift.

It might be trendy again, but orange wine is nothing new -- and nothing to scoff at
Dave McIntyre is down with amber.

Descendent. Farmer. Grower. Winemaker. Is This The Promising Lineage For Pennsylvania Wine?
Cathy Huyghe going back to her roots.

Explore Sonoma's Newest Appellation, the Petaluma Gap
Virginie Boone faces the wind.

The Philosophical Case Against the White-Wine Emoji
Probably more than you'd think about it.

Provence Debuts A New Wine Designation
Say hello to Notre Dame des Anges

Santa Barbara's Natural Wine Leaders
Great article about what's happening in Santa Barbara

French wine police are on the hunt for Burgundy grape thieves
Seems to happen every year now. Bastards.

Which Famous Wine Region Seeks Amicable Divorce from Neighbor?
Languedoc-Roussillon wants to be broken at the hyphen.

Nobody Should Be Afraid to Drink White Wine in Winter

Liber Pater's Life Raft for Bordeaux
Unclear how charging outrageous prices rescues Bordeaux.

Profiting From the Wine Experts
This really should read "Experts profiting from the wine"

Royal Tokaji: Rediscovering The Wine That Communism Left Behind
Sweet memories.

How a Tuxedoed Sommelier Wound Up Homeless in California
There but for the grace of God go we...

Police Dismantle Grape Harvest Human Trafficking Ring

Finding Wine and Meaning in Ancient Vineyards
Eric Asimov grooving' on Itata.

Vinotas Selections Talks Looming Recession and the Wine Business
Lauren Mowery interviews.

A Sommelier's Tour of France's Loire Valley
Pascaline as a guide.

The mysterious and not fully understandable wine defect popping up in natural wines: mouse
As in, popping up just now? No. It's been the bad side of natural wine for years.

The Ultimate Wine Tour of Washington State
September 25, 2019

With its dark-as-steel Puget Sound and snowcapped mountains, Washington may not look much like wine country at first. But stay in one of the state’s quintessential wine towns and you’ll quickly discover that some of the country’s best syrahs, merlots, and chardonnays are being produced here.

Woodinville Pours All of Washington’s Wines

With its proximity to Seattle, 30 minutes away, Woodinville is the closest place to get a taste of Washington wine while staying west of the Cascades. While most of the state’s grapes are grown east of the mountains, numerous wineries import them to produce their wines in Woodinville, nestled in the Sammamish River Valley. More than 150 wineries and tasting rooms, representing the state’s wine scene as a whole, make the town well worth a visit. There’s the Chateau St. Michelle winery, where peacocks stroll the property and music acts such as Josh Groban and the Steve Miller Band perform in the summer—plus multiple tasting rooms. Just down the road, in the Hollywood District, more than 50 tasting rooms cluster, including DeLille and Sparkman cellars and Gorman and Guardian wineries. For those more interested in spirits or hops (Washington is the nation’s largest hops producer), there are more than a dozen breweries, distilleries, and cideries to visit, too.

Where to Stay: A short walk from the Hollywood District is the Pacific Northwest–styled, rustic-chic, 84-room Willows Lodge—with stone-trimmed fireplaces and soaring ceilings, a spa, and complimentary loaner bicycles, set on five acres along the Sammamish River…Read the entire article on AFAR


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