Tee Pee

If you like adventure lodging, Cherry Wood “Bed, Breakfast, and Barn” might be just your kind of place! It’s not everyday you see a Teepee, much less stay in one overnight. The Teepees at Cherry Wood in Zillah are more “Glamping” than camping with stone floors, electricity, nice beds, and a few basic amenities.

The gorgeous setting amongst the vineyards and orchards is serene and enchanting, and you’ll want to share your pictures on Facebook as the place is just too cool to keep to yourself. Horse lovers will enjoy the “western” feel of the place, with an interesting array of unique horses, many of who are on property as rescues from your compassionate host “Pepper” who is an avid advocate of saving horses. The Western feel is both romantic and gritty, so be prepared for not only the beauty of the horses but an occasional whiff of them as well. Mannerly dogs that don’t bark a lot are welcome and they provide a kennel for your furry friends if you are out wine tasting.

The teepees have fans but no air conditioning, and when asked about it Pepper says she knows this may not be the right fit for the caller inquiring about a place to stay. On a very hot or very cold day, this could be a bit more than some bargained for, but with nice weather between 70-85 degrees the setting would be hard to beat. Showers are outdoors as are the sinks, and the honey buckets are creatively camouflaged behind old barnwood fencing.

Enjoy a hot bath alone or with 2 others under the stars in a cozy private area – the set of 3 antique outdoor clawfoot tubs can be reserved by putting your name on a chalkboard. But while the rustic element of bathing is maybe a little much for some, there is a modern restroom complete with everything you need just a few minutes walk to the Bunkhouse.

Should the weather permit, nearby winery tours are available by horseback or by a “country limo” – a 4×4 that pulls a trailer filled with hay and your friends. And why else would most be in Zillah anyways other than to visit the nice array of small boutique wineries. A can’t miss stop is Pepper’s sons’ winery, Cultura. Meet the charming couple Tad & Sarah Fewell and taste a great lineup of wines just around the corner from Tad’s Mom’s place. With at decent group of wineries close by in the Rattlesnake Hills area, don’t miss J Bell Cellars and Dineen Cellars while in the area!

Your host Pepper Fewel is a salt of the earth kind of woman, who will do her best to keep you happy along with the Trail Boss, her daughter Tiffany. But remember this is a working farm, not a B&B that pampers spoiled city folk. Yes, it’s a B&B in true form though, complete with a stiff cup of coffee and hot cowboy breakfast.

While the Cherrywood BB&B is really about a cool, off-the charts off the beaten path kind of experience for a couple or group of friends, it canĀ  also the location of group retreat or corporate team building experiences utilizing the horses, with or without lodging. Get your whole group to stay here in all of the teepees for an unforgettable bonding experience. Click here to see pics of this amazing & surreal setting. While staying in a teepee is not for everyone, I guarantee if you give it a try you’ll never forget the experience!

David LeClaire, Sommelier
Seattle Wine Scene