Fat Cork featured in Market Watch Magazine

We are honored to be featured in Market Watch Magazine! Bryan was quoted on the unique appeal of Grower Champagne in their article “Grower Champagne Goes Mainstream”. Check out the full article here. 

Fat Cork goes to IPNC, 2016

Our Champagnes have been consumed and celebrated at the International Pinot Noir Celebration since Bryan first visited in 2011, rolling a cooler around filled with bubbles!

Thibaud Mandet (Winemaker at WillaKenzie), Bryan, Rollin Soles (Winemaker at ROCO Winery)

Fat Cork goes to IPNC, 2016

Pinot Noir from Australia, excellent!

Fat Cork goes to IPNC, 2016

Champagne and sparkling wine fanatics: David Speer (Ambonnay), Rajat Parr (Evening Land, Sandhi Wines, Domaine de la Côte), Bryan

Fat Cork goes to IPNC, 2016

Bryan, Ken Meyer (FC Club Member), Nelson Daquip (Canlis Head Sommelier), Chris Tange (Seattle wine distributor and Master Sommelier)

Fat Cork goes to IPNC, 2016

Bryan, Chris, Carrie (Wine buyer for Sea Creature Restaurants), Renee Erickson (Chef and Owner, Sea Creature Restaurants)

Fat Cork goes to IPNC, 2016

IPNC’s volunteer sommeliers enjoying Fat Cork Champagne with their brunch.

Fat Cork goes to IPNC, 2016

Larry Stone (Master Sommelier, Lingua Franca Wines), Raj, Mimi Castille (Oregon vigneronne and FC Club Member), Bryan

Fat Cork goes to IPNC, 2016

Bryan, Dawn Smith (Sommelier extraordinaire and Fat Cork General Manager)

Bryan stars on New Day Northwest!


Fat Cork was on New Day Northwest! Bryan sat down with New Day Northwest host, Margaret Larson, to teach a Champagne lesson and tell the story of Fat Cork on live TV.

Champagne Jean Baillette-Prudhomme is Visiting the PNW!


We are thrilled and honored to announce that our producer, Laureen Baillette and Madam Baillette of Champagne Jean Baillette-Prudhomme will be visiting the Northwest in April! They are traveling all the way from Trois-Puits, France to join Bryan on a Northwest adventure of vineyard tours, seminars, tastings, and of course, a visit to Fat Cork.

We are very excited to show the Baillettes our warehouse (where we have proudly imported their Champagne from day 1!) and all that the Northwest wine industry has to offer.

Save the date for one (or all!) of our events with Laureen Baillette.


Monday, April 11th, 12-1pm
Champagne Seminar with Laureen Baillette | Fat Cork | Seattle, WA
Public Event | $20/Club, $30/PublicTickets here! 
Join us over your lunch hour to learn the history of Champagne Jean Baillette-Prudhomme from the vigneronne herself! Laureen will explain her unique approach to Champagne production, tell the incredible history of their family, and describe each of her fine cuvées in great detail. Tasting Champagne on a Monday afternoon is a beautiful way to start the week and live life! Small bites will be provided. We’re limiting this intimate seminar to 30 seats, so purchase your ticket soon!

Monday, April 11th, 6pm
Champagne Dinner with Laureen Baillette | Location to be Announced | Seattle, WA
Public Event | RSVP to Erica@FatCork.com
We are honored to work with local chef extraordinaire, Ethan Stowell, to create an evening of incredible food, delicious Champagne and great conversation with our French guests! The menu, location, and price are still in the works, but please RSVP to Erica@FatCork.com as soon as possible if you’re interested as this dinner will certainly sell out quickly. 

Wednesday, April 13th, 4:30-6pm
Tasting with Laureen Baillette | ROCO Winery | Newberg, OR
FC Club Members and their Guests Only | RSVP to Erica@FatCork.com
Mr. Rollin Soles is an icon for high-quality, Méthod Champenoise sparkling wine made in America. He and his wife, Corby, have been supporters of Fat Cork since the beginning and they were the first people we contacted when Laureen said she was coming to town. Getting Laureen and Rollin together to talk and taste Champagne will be a great time and quite educational! Space is limited, RSVP to Erica@FatCork.com.

Thursday, April 14th, 8:30am-5:30pm
2016 Sparkling Wine Symposium | Ponzi Vineyards | Sherwood, OR
Wine Industry Members | Tickets here!
Attention wine makers all around the U.S.A., we are honored to have so many of you as Fat Cork customers! If you’re already making sparkling wine or are interested in doing so, this event is for you. Laureen Baillette will be featured on a panel alongside sparkling wine experts from Oregon and California to lead an all day workshop about everything sparkling. This is an opportunity to ask the experts all of your geeky questions, taste base wines, and learn the details that go into making great sparkling wine. Click here for tickets.

Freshly Disgorged: Vintage Champagnes, Fresh Corks


Dis·gorge /disˈgôrj/

1) To remove the sediment from (a sparkling wine) after fermentation. “The Champagne is aged in the bottle before it is disgorged.” Late 15th century, from old French

Disgorgement – the Grand Finale! 
After base wines have been created, they are blended, bottled, and fermented again inside the bottle. Then comes the magic; the wine ages for years on its lees (dead yeast cells) and develops extraordinary flavors.

Disgorgement is the process of removing the lees from the bottle, leaving clear, beautiful Champagne behind.  After disgorgement, a small amount of still wine and sugar (dosage) may be added, and the cork is put in place.

Freshly Disgorged: Vintage Champagnes, Fresh Corks

Champagne Redon corking their bottles after disgorgement.

Disgorgement Methods
Traditionally, bottles were disgorged via a method called “A la Voile” (see Bryan’s photo above) where the vigneron would quickly remove the temporary bottle cap and place a thumb over the opening before losing too much Champagne. Now bottles are typically frozen at the necks and the lees are removed in a frozen plug.

Fresh from the Cave 
Fat Cork producers only disgorge their Champagne when it’s ready. Years of aging on the lees creates layers of complexity and beautiful aromas. Because all of that aging is done in cool caves and in bottles that are sealed by bottle cap, there is limited exposure of the wine to oxygen. And that makes freshly disgorged bottles both aged and fresh at the same time. The combination of these two characteristics (age and freshness) is the pinnacle of great Champagne.

At Fat Cork, we always display the disgorgement date (the day the bottle was corked) so you know exactly how long the cuvée aged on its lees and under cork.


Vintage Champagnes, Freshly Disgorged

Freshly Disgorged: Vintage Champagnes, Fresh CorksGimonnet-Oger Blanc de Blancs Millésime 1996 Premier Cru ($159) After aging peacefully in Jean-Luc Gimonnet’s cellar for almost 20 years, this Champagne has incredible complexity and character, but is still fresh! 1996 is an exceptional and rare vintage, especially with a recent disgorgement date. It’s magnificent to enjoy right now, but will also age under cork for another decade.

Freshly Disgorged: Vintage Champagnes, Fresh CorksPerrot-Batteux et Filles Cuvée Helixe Millésime 2009 Blanc de Blancs ($67) Perrot-Batteux is known for producing elegant Chardonnay from her ideal location in the south of Champagne. This particular cuvée is from 2009, which provides a wonderful maturity. Containing only Chardonnay and being recently disgorged provides a light and lively taste, with a pleasant acidity.


Fat Cork Featured in Seattle Magazine!

We were honored to be featured in the December 2015 issue of Seattle Magazine! Check out an excerpt of the article written by Paul Zitarelli below or visit Seattle Magazine online to see the full feature.

Sparkling Wine for Holiday (and Everyday) Celebrations

Paul Zitarelli’s guide to this season’s bubbliest companions for entertaining | December 2015  

For most wine lovers, the EF Score for sparkling wine is off the charts. (Never heard of an EF Score? That’s probably because I just invented it. Patent pending.) EF stands for enjoyment multiplied by frequency, and it’s a handy construct for figuring out whether you’re buying the right wines. Ask yourself: How much did you enjoy the last few sparkling wines you drank? And how frequently are you drinking sparkling wine? If the answers to those are “a lot” and “not very often,” you’re not alone—and you should be drinking more sparkling wine.

Fortunately, in Washington, we’re in the midst of a golden age for sparkling-wine lovers. The breadth of available bubbly has never been greater—high end and low end, local and import, white and pink and (gulp) red: It’s all available to savvy Seattleites. May I suggest the easiest, most pleasant New Year’s resolution you’ll ever make? Drink. More. Bubbly. Here’s how…

Cozy Up to Your Friendly Champagne Importer
In 2009, a bill was passed in the Washington State Legislature that relaxed restrictions on ownership of liquor businesses. Bryan Maletis responded quickly. Less than one year later, he launched Fat Cork in Seattle, where he is the exclusive importer and retailer of a carefully selected portfolio of grower Champagnes. He sells his Champagnes online and through his Fantastic Champagne (FC) Club (fatcork.com/club), hand-selecting bottles for each club member based on taste preferences. Fat Cork also hosts monthly tastings in its charming “cave” just west of the Seattle Center. “I wanted to control our product from the caves of vignerons in France all the way to consumers across the United States,” says Maletis. “As the only link between the producer and the consumer, we also have the ability to share the stories of every family producing Champagne, giving each bottle a unique history.”

Why the focus on Champagne? “The taste of well-made Champagne is distinctly beautiful,” enthuses Maletis, “and has yet to be replicated anywhere else in the world.”


Fat Cork’s 5 Year Anniversary!

Fat Cork’s 5 Year Anniversary!

Fat Cork’s 5 Year Anniversary!

Our Proudest Moments:

/ 1. We have imported exclusive Champagne from 12 wonderful grower-producers since the beginning. / 2. Fat Cork Champagne has been featured on the menus of over 25 restaurants including The Walrus and the CarpenterCanlisRN74Sons & DaughtersStaple & Fancy and Dahlia Lounge. / 3. Bryan was recognized as a 40 Under 40 Business Leader by the Puget Sound Business Journal (2014). / 4.  We welcomed two Boss Juniors to the Fat Cork family, Lucas (2012) and Myers (2015). /  5. We now hand-select Champagne for over 500 FC Club Members across the U.S. /  6. Bryan has mentored 16 interns to date and counting. / 7. Our name was printed in the Wall Street Journal! (2015) / 8. Fat Cork Champagne has been used to celebrate everyday moments across the  U.S.! / 9. Bryan was selected to present at the International Pinot Noir Celebration (2015). /


Cheers to 5 years! 

I am humbled to have reached the five year milestone in our business. It is because of our wonderful fans, club members, and customers that we get to do what we love every day: being a part of celebrations everywhere!

And it is because of the excellent team at Fat Cork and my supportive wife that Fat Cork is five years old!

Merci beaucoup!

Meet Team FC

Meet Team FC

Dear Fat Cork Fans, 

Fat Cork is growing, in more ways than one. We’ve added new Champagnes, new interns, and even a new baby boy (congratulations, Bryan and Abby!). 

We’re proud of our hard-working team and want to introduce you to all the people that make Fat Cork a great small business.

Cheers and thank you so much for your support. It’s because of you that we continue to grow. 


Meet Team FC

Meet Team FC

Abigail & Bryan Maletis
Fat Cork Founders 

Hometown: Seattle, WA and Portland, OR
Proudest Accomplishment: Our children! And creating a business that encourages others to Celebrate Everyday. 
Favorite Family Activity: Walks through our neighborhood.

Meet Team FC

Lucas & Myers Maletis
Boss Juniors

Years at FC: Birth-Present 
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Hobbies: Lucas – trains, eating french fries with ketchup, and swimming with Daddy. Myers – sleeping and learning from big brother. 


Meet Team FC

Chloe Hanson
Operations Director and Lead Designer 

Years at FC: June 2012-Present
Hometown: Nampa, Idaho

Hobbies: Knitting, hiking, party hosting! 


Meet Team FC

Amanda Jones
Number Cruncher

Years at FC: November 2014 – Present
Hometown: Hermiston, Oregon
Life Goal: To leave footprints on all the sandy beaches of the world. 

Meet Team FC

Alex Petrovich
Part-time Warehouse Manager

Years at FC: August 2012-Present
Hometown: Puyallup, Washington

Hobbies: Basketball, drawing, and video games. 

Meet Team FC

Marco Vertucci
Intern: All Things Design

Years at FC: June 2014-Present
Hometown: Rome, Italy

Hobbies: Sleeping in + brunch, and good (inexpensive) wine. 


Meet Team FC

Marc Lotorto
Intern: Anything & Everything

Years at FC: June 2014-Present
Hometown: Bothell, Washington
Hobbies: Drinking coffee, fraternity recruitment, and going to the gym. 

Meet Team FC

Kaui Brito
Intern: Order Specialist & Tasting Room
Years at FC: February 2015-Present
Hometown: Aiea, Hawaii

Future Plans: Graduate from Seattle Pacific University in June –> CEO of Nike.

Meet Team FC

Ben Reidy
Intern: Anything & Everything

Years at FC: February 2015-Present
Hometown: Edmonds, Washington
Hobbies: Golfing, coaching baseball, scout team member for UW Women’s Basketball team. 

Bryan featured in Bellevue Club Reflections

Bryan featured in Bellevue Club Reflections

“This world is crazy, and so is daily life; taking a moment to reflect and celebrate is what makes me most happy.”
- Bryan Maletis, Fat Cork co-founder

Check out Bryan’s full interview in the Bellevue Club Reflections Beauty and Luxury issue! A special thank you to Lauren Hunsberger for the feature.