Napa Goes Kosher

I’m a particularly bad (read: unobservant and unbelieving) Jew, but I’ve written my share of articles on kosher wines over the years, usually for magazines or websites with broad consumer readerships, and usually to coincide with some Jewish holiday. I wouldn’t say that I’m particularly in touch with Jewish communities here in California, but when I heard recently that one of Napa’s top winemakers was making a kosher wine, I sat up and paid attention. And when I did, I learned that it seems that kosher wine is now officially a thing in Napa.

For the longest time there have been only three names to know when it comes to kosher wine in Napa, or in California as a whole. Herzog Wine Cellars, now based in Ventura, California, was the first to make kosher wine from Napa in the mid 1980s, and was likely the first to make kosher wine in the United States following the end of Prohibition. Hagafen Cellars, based in Napa Valley, has been making kosher wine since the early 1990s. And in 2003, Jeff Morgan started Covenant in Napa, which for years has been the standard-bearer for premium kosher wine in California (and the best-known, expensive American kosher wine on the market).

That was the state of things, or so I thought, until I heard Maayan Koschitzky make a passing comment about all the kosher winemaking spam he was receiving these days.

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Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 6/6/21

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

Post-Pandemic, Wine Writers Prepare for a More Diverse and Delicious Future
Wine writers talking to wine writers.

What They’re Drinking in Paris
Yes, it’s natural. But wait, there’s more.

After Tragedy, Italy’s Taurasi Wines Rise Again
Taurus ascending?

Why Wine Lovers Are Flocking to Portuguese Wines
Catnip. Mmmmmm.

The Original Rock Star Rosé Makes a Comeback
One of my first loves, when it comes to wine.

Perfume and Wine
Luca Turin writes amazing tasting notes.

Climate Challenge for German Riesling
But which will fail first? German Riesling or California Cabernet?

Italy’s Winemakers Barrel Ahead With Chestnut
Super cool story about a super cool guy.

Debunking the Myth of Wine Travel Shock
I need a bit more evidence before I’m willing to say it’s debunked.

Is That Wine Sweet or Dry?
The oft-confused terms, defined.

I Used To Steal Verdicchio, Then It Stole Me
How wine really works in life. Lovely tale.

By the Bottle: Ian D’Agata
Alfonso asks D’Agata answers.

How A Nearly Extinct Portuguese Wine Grape Was Rescued By A Soccer Player
Interesting story.

What does ‘vin vivant’ mean when referring to wine-making?
Oh lord, let this not become a thing.

What’s the deal with NFTs and wine?
You won’t understand them any more after reading.

Thinking Wholistically About Pizza, T-Rex, and Wine
Robert Joseph writes a guest post for Jeff Slater

Please Do Not Let “Wine Racism” (over a grape!) Become a Thing
Amber skewers a ridiculous article attacking Lettie Teague.

Phil Mickelson, wine influencer? This $450 Napa Cab is selling out after golfer drinks it from trophy
Beware the power of instagram.

Why Australia’s Latest Wines Are Making Waves
The LoFi reverb continues.

Rioja Emerges as an Affordable Substitute for High-End Bordeaux
But people don’t want just the taste, they actually want the price tag.

The evolving language of wine
It needs to evolve.

10 Wines that Forever Changed the How the World Sees Italian Wine
Alfonso remembers.

Idaho wine: fresh, fruit-forward and great value
If only they’d start using less oak.

Kylie wines: Andrew Jefford meets the star and tastes the range
Another celebrity wine brand. But if Andrew Jefford likes them…

An Arkansas agriculture mogul just bought his sixth name-brand Napa winery
The buying spree continues.

Budapest’s Natural Wine Scene Embraces Hungary’s Roots
Yes, but will the government even let them sell it?

One Of The Greatest Wine Producers In Spain Has Set Firm Roots In Tokaj, Hungary
The story of Oremus.

Catastrophic Tank Collapse Destroys 250,000 Liters of South African Wine
Ouch. A tragedy. Thank heavens no one was hurt.

The Ancient Origins of Beer Geeks and Wine Snobs
Blame Pliny.

Elizabeth Banks, Houseguest From Hell, Stars in New Ad for Luxe Canned Wine Brand
It’s pretty rare to see brilliant advertising about wine. Savor this.

Winemakers to pour $4 million into Smithsonian’s popular American Food History Project
Warren Winiarski is the dude.

We Asked Wine Pros: What Are the Best Trends in Wine Right Now?
Quotes from various pros.

The Surprising Story of Oregon’s Other Pinot
Getting more popular by degrees.

Why You Should Be Drinking Wine Made on Volcanoes
Because it’s booming.

The Funky, Floral Rise of Orange Wine in Texas
Because it goes with BBQ.

Asylum-seekers help produce Italy’s famous Brunello wine
“Immigrants. We get the job done.”

Jura’s Pelican Takes Flight
Now making 11 different wines.

Rare bottles of wine crafted by Holocaust victims to be put on auction
If you don’t know the Jewish roots of Tokaj, you should.

A Tasting Tour of the Greek Islands’ Best Natural Wineries
Yes, please.

Monks of France’s first papal vineyard sell wine to help local community
Wine for the people.

This LA Wine Woman Knows Nostalgia and Daring Go a Long Way — How Caitlin Cutler Makes Ronan Sing
Sing, Cutler, sing!

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Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 5/30/21

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

The powerful women of Bulgaria
Why does Bulgaria have so many female winemakers?

The Dry Stone Walls of Valais
Beautiful and fascinating.

State orders sweeping water restrictions for towns, vineyards along Russian River
So it begins.

A US mystery: Australia
It is a mystery.

Your incoming wine may be a little delayed
No Deal Brexit = Free Trade, right?

By the Bottle: Patricia Guy
Alfonso Cevola starts a new series profiling wine personalities

James Bond’s secret wines
More than just a bottle of Bolly….

Wine Tasting Notes For Parents With Toddlers
Funny, not funny.

Denied property insurance, Napa Valley wineries ‘extremely vulnerable’ this fire season
25% Non renewals is staggering.

French Biodiversity Office leaks damaging report
Sounds like bureacracy triumphed over efficacy.

Fair Labor Practices Enter the Natural Wine Conversation
Excellent developments.

Small vineyard takes $10,000 hit in parking lot wine theft
Hunt them down like dogs in the street!

It’s time to stop comparing English sparkling wine to Champagne
Just as soon as we stop comparing CA Pinot to Burgundy.

17 Pink Wines That Prove Rosé Is for Everyone
Because who doesn’t want wine recommendations from Architectural Digest! (actually some of these are great).

Pandemic Triggers US Sake Slump
OK, time to go buy some more sake!

More Women And Younger Consumers Are Breaking Into The World Of Fine Wine, Study Shows
This is a good thing.

Wine influencer denies involvement in Chauvin witness’ house pig’s blood vandalism
The headlines are getting weird.

Txakolina, a Simple Pleasure With a Deep Sense of Place
Utterly quaffable.

American Men Think Knowing About Wine Is a Sign of Maturity, Survey Finds
Honestly, I’ve just been trying to mature myself.

The Soil and Soul of Wine — This Napa Valley Winemaker Understands You Need Both
Nice piece on Dan.

Champagne Prepares Two More Standout Vintages
Early, early, early.

Wine “Supertasters” and Covid Resistance
Waiting for the blowback about all the wine people that DID get COVID.

The Drops of God: The Manga That Disrupted the International Wine Market
Yep, cartoons = more expensive Burgundy.

In wine country, a newspaper war brings down a mayoral ‘prince’ accused of sex abuse
A war may be overstating the case.

Prisoners restoring first jail vineyard banned from turning grapes into wine
They should talk to the folks in Italy.

Third Time’s the Charm: Texas Legislature Passes New Wine Labeling Law
If it says only Texas, it might be 25% California.

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Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 5/23/21

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

Rioja leaves bad taste in the mouth for Basque winemakers
Another breakaway.

The end of the Grosslage
Someone else takes a run at explaining the new German Wine law. And ends up thankful they dropped out of law school.

Is California Sparkling Wine’s Pandemic-Induced Roller Coaster Ride Ending On A High In 2021?
But don’t call it a bubble.

What Does ‘Minerality’ Mean in Wine?
A primer, of sorts.

California Winemaker Jim Clendenen Dies at 68
Matt Kettman pens another obituary.

Indigenous North American grapevines, not the standard European varieties, may be California wine’s answer to climate change
Esther Mobley finds some hybrids that she likes.

Why it’s smart to order the second-cheapest wine on the menu
The urban myth dispelled.

Lawsuits Looming for Online Wine Retailers
Predatory lawsuits are icky. But ADA compliance is super important.

Blockchain Technology, Fraud Prevention and the Future of Wine
Lauren Mowery is authenticated.

The Argentine Winemakers with Rock Star Appeal
And fancy portraits to prove it.

Ōse Winery Helping Fukushima Rebuild Its Brand
Needs all the help it can get.

Estimated $2.5 million in damage from Napa’s Bronco Wine Company fire
$2.5 million buck chuck.

Tasting Fees Skyrocket in Wine Country
Unfortunately true. But you’re also getting more for the price.

How Wine Grapes Are Uprooting Trees in China’s Green Great Wall
Vines versus the government.

Drinking around the world: The rise and rise of Thai wine
Two harvests a year.

Wine Country Mayor Finally Resigns Following Ninth Allegation of Sexual Assault
And good riddance.

South Africa welcomes ‘exceptional’ wine harvest (and it’s a whopper)
A glimmer of good news.

‘Instagram Wine Influencer’ Accused of Throwing Pig’s Blood On Chauvin Witness’ Former Home In Santa Rosa
You can’t make these headlines up.

Why Wineries Should Consider Making More Sweet Wine, According To New E&J Gallo Study
Because people like sweet, even though they say they don’t.

12 Questions for Terry Theise
From simple to complicated.

Chinese wine explained
A primer.

Vine theft in Alsace
But the thief has since turned himself in.

US Sustainable Winegrowing Summit: How To Explain Sustainability To Consumers?
It’s… complicated.

It’s time to counter fine wine’s historic hostility to Black people.
Long past time.

Is big data always needed in the wine industry?
The cloud is sometimes…. cloudy.

Wineries lament cannabis grows in Santa Ynez Valley
Tough to stop progress.

California North Coast vintner claims smoky grapes ruined its tanks; grower alleges winery is holding up sales
He said, she said.

200-Year-Old Bottle of Wine Intended for Napoleon Sells for $30,000—And It’s Still Drinkable

Michigan wine shipping lawsuit targets Napa vintner, 3 others
I, for one, welcome this showdown.

A Letter from Burgundy: The good friends of Burgundy’s 2017 vintage
Sarah Marsh goes local.

Wine in the year of Covid: Consumption down, production up, says OIV
Stats from the OIV.

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Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 5/16/21

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

Jim Clendenen 1953–2021
Positively horrible news. Lost far too soon.

Au Bon Climat’s Jim Clendenen, Colorful Santa Barbara Pioneer, Dies at 68
Spectator’s obit.

Jim Clendenen, Santa Barbara vintner who changed the course of California Pinot Noir, dies at 68
Esther’s obit.

I was done talking about cultural appropriation. The rise in anti-Asian violence pulled me back in
Not about wine, but an important article to read.

Pink Prosecco shortage predicted this year
Some people are gonna be pissed.

Sonoma grape growers prepare for harsh year of drought
Harsh is right.

Personal preferences versus professional evaluation: why we need to distinguish them
Jamie has a bone to pick.

Chenin – a transhemispherical marvel
Jancis on Chenin champions.

Caroline Gilby MW on Tokaj’s second grape: Hárslevelű
Love me some Hárs.

All change in Bordeaux
A fresh approach, says Jancis.

Why the Wine Industry Has Long Been a ‘Boys’ Club’
Same reason the rest of our industries have been.

On Wine Education
Musings, but some of it was greek to me.

Chill White Wine…But Why?
Personally, I still think its best to start cold.

Behind the Bottle: Biondi-Santi Brunello di Montalcino
Looking at Brunello through Biondi

Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blancs 2009 & reality of climate change
Good riddance to the gift boxes.

South Australia 2021 – near perfect
Brian Croser says everything went right. For once.

Matters of mycelium in Montalcino
A winegrower’s spring in Montalcino. If you want to be soothed….

Buying wine online is another pandemic-era shift that’s poised to stick around
And then some.

What Does ‘Fynbos’ Mean in Wine?
Fynbos is the new garrigue.

How Scientists and Archeologists Trace Beer and Wine through Antiquity

Meet the mother-daughter duo behind Ebony Wine & Spirits
The birth of a Florida brand.

Another California Winery Closes
The M&A game plays out.

Two Sonoma winery layoffs show how the industry has changed in the past decade
The Chronicle’s take on the subject.

Manure Without Animals? Vegan Winemaking Levels Up
Plant-based biodynamics? That’s a new one for me.

The Ethical Cellar: Orange Wine Is the New Rosé
In the words of Yoda: Mainstream it has gone.

A Toast to Female North Fork Wine Trailblazers
A few of the ladies of the North Fork.

Books to Inspire Hunger and Thirst
Eric shares some of his latest picks that aren’t textbooks.

In focus: how sparkling wine has fared during the pandemic
A detailed (OK, wonky) market analysis.

George Clooney faces legal battle over wine estate in Provence
Something for the lawyers to sort out.

Rich and famous converge on France’s rose vineyards
But Clooney’s on trend.

Tim James: Are we ready for more complex wine scoring?
A little navel gazing during an inside baseball game.

On 50 years in the Napa Valley wine business
Stu speaks.

An Israeli Winery Guide, With Undertones of Occupation

Wines of the Southern Rhone Valley: Romans, Aliens, and grapes from Colonel Gaddafi
A destination guide of sorts.

Cypriot grapes perform well in heat and on taste
And Xynisteri might be the coolest grape name ever.

The Filipino-American Sommeliers Changing the Narrative
More voices!

Weed and Wine Come Together in Santa Ynez Valley
Only one problem. It seems to be illegal. See SB-94 Section 26200 G-3

What I Learned Starting a Wine Import Company During a Pandemic
A success story against the odds.

What’s the Future of the Floor Sommelier Role?
A nice piece by Courtney on the return of hospitality.

Wineries concerned as California drought emergency grows
Dry as a bone.

Unions, Labor Rights and the Future of Winery Workers
Trends and outlooks.

California vineyard sales, demand booming
Interesting stats.

Why Packaging Is Wine’s New Sustainability Frontier
Oh yes. Read this.

How winemaker Donovan Rall conquered the schistous soils of Swartland
Can’t we say schisty? Sounds better.

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Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 5/9/21

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

Wine Retail’s Great Awakening
An evolution continues.

Instagram’s wine influencers started thriving during the pandemic. Their rise has prompted sexist backlash
Esther talks influencers.

It’s time to change a racially insensitive Italian grape name.
Interesting suggestion.

Voor-Paardeberg: The Birth of the Revolution
It’s not “Swartland Lite”

Wine Country Fights Back in Weed Wars
The battles are only just beginning.

Why Super-Tuscans have fallen from fashion
Cuz the world don’t need another Cab blend, dude.

Why Natural Wine Isn’t Always the Healthiest (or Tastiest) Option
In moderation, please.

Umami and rancio
A discussion of aroma.

The Way Wine Is Served at Restaurants Is Changing
The pivot continues.

Vineyard Explosion Creates River of Red Wine
Oops. Not a metaphor.

Space Aged: Bottle of Wine From Space Station Could Sell for $1 Million
Or you could just fake it: Step 1: Buy a bottle of Petrus. Step 2: Shake like hell. Step 3: Profit.

Old Friends Split over Napa Cab
If there’s dirty laundry (and a court filing) Blake Gray will find it.

A new Napa vintner just made an ambitious $10M Rutherford winery purchase, with plans for $275 Cabernet
Buying up land in Napa.

How a Wine Spritz Entrepreneur Spends Her Sundays
The lifestyle profile of Jordan Salcito!

In a Sea of Credentials, Wine Professionals Seek Meaning
Options for spending money.

Beyond Brunch: The Realities of Mother-Daughter Winemaking Teams
A few examples profiled.

So You’re Thinking About Joining a Wine Club …
Listen to Eric on this one.

Restaurant Wine Jobs Are Coming Back—But Do We Want Them?
One woman’s perspective.

Bolivian wine-growers banking on ‘distinctive’ altitude flavor
It’s good stuff.

Fred Tasker, Miami Herald and WLRN’s ‘Wine Guy,’ dies at 79. ‘He took readers around the world’
RIP Fred.

Reviving America’s forgotten winemaking grapes
Some lesser known names all around.

What Makes Natural Wine Exclusionary? The Name, Some Say
The name has always sucked.

Turning the Tables on Margot Bigg
A name I didn’t know.

Cyber security experts warn over online wine scams
The Russians know our weakness.

When Italians Abandoned This Village, Refugees Brought It Back to Life
Not a wine story, but a darn good one nonetheless.

Gallo lays off most Clos du Bois winery workers
The predictable consequence of M&A.

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Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 5/2/21

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

Does Your Wine Really Taste Like Rocks?
Adam Gollner grapples with belief in minerality.

Posh French Winemakers Pounce on Big American Vineyard Selloff
Elin McCoy describes the trend.

The 2021 Frost Could Impact Harvest, Distribution and What You Pay for French Wine
30% reduction of supply means prices will climb.

In England, Varied Soils Meet Cool-Climate Winemaking
A primer.

We Should All Be Drinking More Lebanese Wine
Yes, indeed.

This beloved Marin winery is shutting down because of California’s drought and climate change
Damn. That sucks.

Who Really Buys Fine Wine?
One perspective based on some data.

China Is Drinking Barely A Drop of Australian Wine After 200% Tariffs
A good time to buy Australian.

Wineries and Local Nurseries Aim to Shape Regional Terroir
Where the plants come from matters, even before they’re in the ground.

Tropical Terroir: The Man Turning Taiwan Into Wine Country
Fascinating story. Note wineglass photo in the article filled with ice cubes.

The Other Side of the Slope: Burgundy’s Other Grapes and Wines
Things other than Pinot and Chard.

A special wine can change your perspective forever. What was your epiphany bottle?
Dave McIntyre discusses those special bottles.

Txakolina for Good Cheer, Wherever You May Be
The wine made for eating.

Barolo Rolls Out an Uneven Vintage
Tom Hyland says the ’17s are tricky.

Climate Change Prompts Vineyard Yield Rethink
A complex topic

Northern California Winemakers Shift Practices Amid Drought Emergency
If only you could start dry-farming on a dime.

US Wine Sales Set to Skyrocket
Says the guy who usually tempers expectations.

Europe’s Late Frost Goes Farther Than France — and Well Beyond Wine
The ripple effects of frozen water.

Simon J Woolf: The world’s simplest guide to wine ageing
Simon trying to keep it simple.

Wine exotica
Sadly, New York does qualify as exotica for some.

Dr. David H. Bruce (May 25, 1931 – April 28, 2021)
Another pioneer gone.

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Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 4/25/21

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

The smoke effect: Napa winemakers battle with the legacy of wildfire
Adam Lechmere checks in on smoke.

Farming Robot Kills 100,000 Weeds per Hour With Lasers
Glyphosate, the robot overlords are coming for you!

Which California cult wine is the best investment?
Do not take this as investment advice. And the one they chose isn’t a cult wine.

The Regenerative GM: Tablas Creek Vineyard’s Inspiring Circle of Life
A deep dig into what’s going on at Tablas Creek.

Santorini wineries see sales collapse during Covid lockdown
Time to drink up to support them.

The environmental hangover from NZ’s winemaking
Quite an in-depth look into something most people don’t even think about.

Finding New Life for Wine-Grape Residue
But does UC Davis has the hangover cure for New Zealand?

10 New York State Wines to Drink Now
Eric Asimov keeps it close to home.

Have South African wines reached collectable status?
Unfortunately, collectable in this instance is about $$

Book Review – Château Lafite: The Almanac
Hard to tell whether this reviewer thinks it’s worth the tariff.

“How can I tell if the wine I’m buying is sustainable?”
A complicated question, and a complicated answer.

The Birth of the Wine Connoisseur
An excellent bit of scholarship.

Why the Wine World May Depend on Regenerative Agriculture — Starting Now
Sophia Bennett scopes out some practitioners.

Interview with Winemaker Vanessa Wong of Peay Vineyards
Emily has some questions, Vanessa has some answers.

What Wholesalers’ Inventory Depletions Reveal About Industry Recovery
The canary in the wine cellar.

Wine Consumption In 2020 Was Up In Brazil, Down In China And Flat In U.S.
That’s one way to describe the data.

Global Wine Consumption Hits a New Low
Here’s another.

We Consumed the Least Amount of Wine in Nearly Two Decades Last Year
Or another.

Wine Consumption Collapsed Last Year to Its Lowest Level in Two Decades
And another.

An 11-Step Guide To Responsible Wine Buying
The fact that there are 11 steps should worry all of us.

California’s droughts sometimes make better wine – but they’re bad for the industry overall. Here’s why
Esther has a dry wit.

California Wines Made With New Hybrid Grapes Hold Promise, If Anyone Will Drink Them
They might be disease resistant, but how do they taste?

She’s A California Winemaker Leveling The Playing Field for Women in Wine
Katy Wilson in her own words.

Wine’s Invisible Cities
A somewhat heady essay.

Black Wine Entrepreneurs Find Passion, Racism And Legacy In The Industry, Study Shows
And no one should be surprised.

Record-setting Date for Late Frost in Texas Vineyards
And this after the deep freeze of February.

Snow, Freeze Events Hit Vineyards in the Midwest and East
And not just Texas.

Europe’s 2021 vintage shrunk by frost
Jancis reports on the devastation.

Frost damage could cut French wine output by a third
30% is brutal.

Champagne “lucky” with frost compared to other French wine regions
Bubbles got a break.

The Complete Guide to Fighting Frost
Cold comfort, presumably for those affected.

Trends in Winemaking: Two New Approaches to Smoke Taint Mitigation
Pretty technical stuff we’re going to be hearing a lot about in coming years.

Winery DTC Shipments Up 16% in Value
We’re buying more but not drinking it?

Neutral Oak
Craig is trying hard to stay neutral.

How a tiny urban vineyard in San Francisco is trying to transform California wine
Pinot Noir + Social Justice = Awesomeness.

NZ’s small but perfectly formed 2021 vintage
What will the world do with a Sav Blanc shortage?

Germany Introduces A New Wine Hierarchy Based On Geography
And it’s a doozy.

German wine creates ‘uncrackable’ new classification system
Truth is stranger than satire.

Senses dulled by COVID-19, French wine tasters fear for livelihood
How nice to live in a country that might actually do something for them.

The Ancient Greek Varieties Making Thoroughly Modern Wines
Love me some Limnio and Liatiko.

New Zealand Man Arrested For Smuggling Cocaine In Wine Bottles
If your Savvy is looking a bit Cloudier than normal…

Drought Emergency for Northern California Wineries
It’s looking pretty bad.

How the Pandemic Has Changed Wine Tasting in Sonoma
Linda Murphy checks in with some producers.

Nova Cadamatre: The busy life of a bi-coastal winemaker
Profile of a mover-shaker.

Proof of Terroir? Researchers Dig Deep into Argentine Malbec
Spectator reports on the Catena findings.

Champagne without bubbles? On the charm of still wines
Jancis on the still wines of Champagne.

Why Colorado Winemakers Are Betting on Riesling
I love me some CO wine, but Riesling is not the horse to bet on.

Brexit Batters British Wine Trade
Chaos is a commonly used word.

These photographs celebrate winemaking all around the world
Winemaking, and beauty.

Another Italian town is selling houses for one euro
I want me a palazzo there for $5k. For sure.

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Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 4/18/21

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

How Wine Country’s insular nature played a role in Dominic Foppoli’s alleged misconduct
More details from Windsor.

Fifth woman accuses Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli of sexual assault
And another.

Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli, council member Esther Lemus accuse each other of sexual misconduct
The saga continues, and the stories all begin to sound eerily similar.

Sonoma County winemaker seeks zero-tolerance policy for sexual assault and harassment
Sounds like a pretty good idea.

‘Sour Grapes’ Wine Fraud Con Man Deported to Indonesia
And don’t come back!

U.S. Authorities Deport Wine Counterfeiter Rudy Kurniawan
Spectator covers it.

Clare Tooley is a logophile.

The Long, Winding Path of Wine as Medicine
Some interesting bits of history.

Which Rosés Will Succeed in a Maturing Market?
Some true experts say we’re at a saturation point.

Follow-up frost report for Italy
The lowest vineyards have been devastated.

How a Boutique Winery Emerged From the Pandemic Better Than Ever
In Israel. And….e-commerce.

Burgundy Embraces New Varieties to Combat Climate Change
Or, rather, old varieties.

One Year Later: How U.S. Winemakers Averted Disaster
Eric Asimov checks in with the canaries he left in the coal mine.

Unemployed workers defect and debate their next moves, leaving restaurant owners to contend with a labor shortage
Will it be enough to realign the economics of the restaurant industry?

Summiting Mount Etna – The Revitalization of a Volcano’s Ancient Viticulture
An overview.

Nebbiolo in the Alps: A New Generation Helps Chart Valtellina’s Renaissance
Dottie and John check in on a favorite region.

Why Lyle Railsback left his dream job at Kermit Lynch to become an entrepreneur
An interview with half of the Railsbacks.

Pledge of €1bn made to mitigate France’s frost “disaster”
That’s a good start, but probably cold comfort.

Sonoma and Napa counties differ on mixing wine and cannabis cultivation
Nervous bedfellows.

Barolo Legend Boffa Dies
Tom Hyland offers a remembrance.

The wonderfully complicated and all too brief (and happy) life of Pio Boffa
So does Alfonso Cevola

Pio Boffa, Piedmont Wine Patriarch, Dies of COVID-19
The Spectator’s obit.

Swiss Village Champagne Loses Another Fight To Get Name On Wine
Taking on the 800-pound gorilla of GI protection.

Winter’s Last Gasp Devastates French Vineyards
Caroline Henry reports on frosts from Champagne.

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Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 4/11/21

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

Four Women say Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli, ‘Prince’ of Wine Country, Sexually Assaulted Them
These allegations, deeply researched and reported, are shocking and disgusting.

Sonoma County wine industry group to expel Dominic Foppoli’s winery following sexual assault allegations
Not a moment too soon.

Sheriff’s Office opens investigation into Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli following sexual assault allegations
Let’s hope so.

Frost strikes European vineyards
This is the other big, very sad news this week.

French vineyards hit by ‘worst frost in decades’
More chilling news.

Tired of Tasting Notes? Not so Fast, Tough Guy
Terry Theise says take your complete sentences and shove them….

Terroir on a 100-Point Scale
I give Urziger Wurtzgarten 94 points.

Napa Launches $42m Fire Prevention Plan
Not a ton of details here other than “fire breaks and fuel reduction”, but that’s a good amount of money to start!

It’s Time to Forget the Old Rules of Wine Pairing
Ahem. Some of us have been saying this for years and years.

Rob Symington – environmental activist
No longer just any port in the storm.

In Acknowledging Its Uncomfortable History, The Australian Wine Industry Will Only Benefit.
This is a very interesting and important article to read if you’re interested in equity and racial justice.

The Differences Between Coastal and Inland Wine Regions
A primer of sorts.

Bordeaux 2020 vintage report – what to expect
Adam Lechmere runs it down.

In the right Society
This will be a foreign concept to Americans. Doesn’t it smell like socialism?

Turning the Tables on Tim Fish
Carl Gavanti interviews the long-time Wine Spectator writer.

Bordeaux converting to organic on a massive scale
Few details here to justify that adjective, but hard to argue this is anything but good.

Mess on the High Seas: That Imported Wine You Want Might Be Stuck on a Boat
But not likely in the Suez Canal.

A Starter Kit for Aspiring Wine Lovers
Eric Asimov gets down to the very basics.

French winemakers set candles and straw ablaze to save vines from frost
Scary times. Especially after an early bud break and unseasonably warm temps.

Organic viticulture ‘almost impossible’ in Champagne
I call BS on this, as does Champagne Louis Roederer.

Wine Influencers Inspire Strong Reactions. But What’s the Harm in Being ‘Liked’?
The clash of generations continues.

Valuing our old vines
Tim Atkin makes the case for preservation.

The Many Faces of Kalterersee
Everything you wanted to know about this little wine region.

What Is the Role of “Heimat” in Terroir?
Who doesn’t love the taste of home?

In the Sign of Subtlety
Everything you thought you knew about Pinot Blanc is wrong.

Drink More Scheu!
Don’t worry. It’s been de-Nazified. Twice!

Shimmering Schiller
Schiller? Never heard of it. But now I have to drink it!

José Vouillamoz on Swiss Wine Grapes
The man who knows.

Completer: The Answer to a Prayer
Your exploration of wine is not complete until, well, you know…

Reviewed: Louis Roederer’s new still Champagne wines
The story behind Champagne without bubbles.

Lockdown Saw Rise in Wine Domains and Wine Scammers

Is Trousseau’s Future in American Vineyards?
Maybe, but its present shines here.

Bollinger Champagne Owners Buy Oregon’s Ponzi Vineyards
The latest French buy-in.

Wine production up in Barbera d’Asti as Piedmont remains ‘resilient’
Nice to hear someone is doing OK amidst all this.

A Wine-Soaked True Crime Doc with ‘Fraud, Deception and Intrigue’
Sarah Daniels reviews the Kurniawan documentary.

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