Channeling Bob Ross to Bring You “The Joy of Wine Tasting”

It’s been months since I’ve had a haircut, and not one to miss an opportunity, I thought I might as well have some fun with my JewFro. When I snapped the photo above, people seemed to love it, so before I cut all my hair off this week, I couldn’t resist taking the idea to its logical conclusion.

So without further ado (and with apologies for self-indulgence plus great reverence for one of my personal heroes, the late great Bob Ross) I present to you, The Joy of Wine Tasting.

I realize now watching this that I misspoke. France’s Jura region is the true origin for Trousseau Noir, not the Savoie, of course. I’d record the piece again, but… I already cut off all that hair! Oh well. Improv is, by definition, imperfect. Apologies to the hardworking people of the Jura and their fabulous grapes. I promise to drink some Poulsard in penance.

We now return you to your normal programming.

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